The 10 Best Anime Friendships in Anime Shonen


One Piece has just killed two main characters, and the fandom is shocked. Ashura Doji and Izo were warriors who fought to help the Straw Hat Pirates during the raid on Onigashima. But other than that, Ashura and Izo were also very close to Kozuki Oden. Anime such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and other franchises rely on rich friendship arcs to make the show interesting, and all famous anime series have dynamic duets or trios to keep the plot tasteful. These anime friends serve the most important emotional aspect of the show and teach valuable lessons of friendship and life.

There are a lot of good friendships in anime, but there are very few of the best. From sacrificing their lives and being next to each other in their ups and downs, to the sweet bond of love and hate that keeps viewers glued to the screen, this friendship makes the show worth watching.

Shinichi Izumi and Migi: Parasite Maxim

The heroes of Parasyte the Maxim have the strangest friendships. Migi, a parasite, infected Shinichi’s right hand. He was supposed to swallow Shinchi’s brain, but he couldn’t, forcing the two of them to coexist in one body. Migi considers Shinichi a friend and expresses gratitude that he did not manage to take over his brain. Parasyte the Maxim shares the story of this sweet but strange friendship.

Migi thanks Shinichi for all their shared experiences when he visits him in his sleep before going to sleep for an endless period of time. He thinks he’s lucky to have a friend. Migi’s final assessment of humanity as beautiful is related to his friendship with Shinchi.

Meliodas and Ban: The Seven Deadly Sins

The two most beloved characters in The Seven Deadly Sins, Ban and Meliodas, have become best friends, despite the differences. They were more than just fellow warriors or two people forced to cooperate due to circumstances. After spending so much time together, they formed a delightful, carefree friendship.

Despite his hostility to the race that took Elaine from him, Ban sees the fact that Meliodas is a Demon. Ban does not hesitate to go to Purgatory to regain the captain’s feelings, even after Meliodas reveals his plan to become the Demon King in order to save Elizabeth. Melody, the heir of the Demon, and Ban, the immortal man, became best friends, shedding light on the dark world of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Yusuke and Kuwabara: Yu Yu Hakusho

At first, Yusuke and Kuwabara competed in high school. They became great friends after they started participating in the Dark Tournament together. These two have the best character arcs in Yu Yu Hakusho. When Yusuke expends almost all of his spiritual energy against Suzaku, Kuwabara unconditionally sacrifices some of his life force to Yusuke to save him.

Kuwabara played a crucial role in some of Yusuke’s most dangerous missions, and Yusuke could always count on him to fight alongside him. During the last season, they became each other’s figures of brothers. Despite the fact that they openly express their disgust and dislike for each other, they are united by a close bond.

Edward and Alphonse: The Steel Alchemist

There are many strong characters in this anime set in the 1900s, but the Elric brothers Edward and Alphonse top the list. These brothers have one of the greatest family ties ever seen in any anime. The journey they make, the friends and enemies they meet, and the traumas they face are all trying to break their bond, but they always come out victorious, proving that their brotherly love for each other — their brotherly love for each other is unbreakable.

Despite the fact that they are brothers, they live almost like best friends. Edward is the eldest of the two and a state alchemist. He is very protective of his brother, refusing to let Alphonse become a state alchemist because he does not want his brother to be used in the army, and in the process he lost an arm. These two are perfect brothers as well as friends.

Naruto and Sasuke: Naruto

When it comes to friendship in anime, the duo of Naruto and Sasuke always comes to mind. Naruto, being a vessel of the Nine-Tailed Beast, inadvertently revealed some of his secret abilities after witnessing his comrade Sasuke being beaten to death by Haku.

Despite the fact that they seem to be polar opposites, they always manage to complete tasks together. Over time, Sasuke and Naruto have grown closer, and their bond is now so strong that no one has ever been able to break it. They have been friends since childhood.

Inosuke and Tanjiro – Demon Slayer

The two had a rough start to the show when they got into a fight, but their rivalry became healthy and offered fans their favorite Demon Slayer duo. Tanjiro and Inosuke have come a long way since their first meeting and have become closer. Despite the fact that Inosuke still considers Tanjiro an opponent, they are bound by fraternal ties.