That’s why Valentina Pahde keeps her love life under wraps


The theme of love is probably a taboo topic for Valentina Pahde (27). The GZSZ actress likes to share her impressions of her daily life online, but she draws a line in her personal life. It was assumed that she was with former football player Rurik Gislason (34 years old), which she neither confirmed nor denied. Even if they say that everything is over between them, the blonde continues to refrain from statements. Now Valentina has told why she keeps the status of her relationship a secret.

The beauty reveals in an interview with Gala TV why she doesn’t tell anything about her personal life. “Talking about it all the time is tedious, and many people form an opinion that does not know what is the matter,” she explained, noting that she mostly shows on the Internet only to those who want it, as well as in the public of the stand. . “I just want to protect my family and my inner circle,” the 27—year-old made it clear.

Nevertheless, she believes that she actually shares a lot of her life with her fans. “I just live my life, but I also show a lot of personal things, it’s always a misconception, many people think that I’m completely isolated there,” said Valentina, because she also has a twin sister and many friends who are also in the public face. Even if she only appeared with certain people, she still didn’t want to reveal everything: “You have to save some magic.”


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