That’s why the series took advantage of delays


Stranger Things focused on the disappearance of young Will Byers and his connection to a mysterious realm known as the Upside Down, but subsequent seasons have broadened its scope to encompass new creatures and foreign threats.

Stranger Things was detained for months and only recently recovered. As a result, it seems likely that fans will have to wait until much later in 2021 to see the latest adventures of the Eleven team.

Producer Shawn Levy offered an update on the progress of Stranger Things, saying its release date has yet to be determined. The silver lining comes from the writing process and how the delay of months changed it.

Levy confirmed that Stranger Things has had the opportunity to be written by the Duffer brothers before it is filmed, resulting in an exceptional script and better than ever.

In June, the Stranger Things writers revealed that all scripts for season 4 had been completed, which was well ahead of its production restart.

According to Levy’s update, Stranger Things season 4 still has a long way to go in terms of production, but the extra wait might have been for the best in the end.

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