That’s why the Queen was surprised by Meghan’s Wedding Dress


Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) broke some traditions at their wedding. Among other things, the Sussex did not adhere to their royal predecessors regarding the date, welcome speech, cake and invitations. The fact that the couple has their own will was clear even during the preparation for the wedding. It is said that the wedding dress, in particular, was a surprise for Queen Elizabeth ( ✝ 96). Because Megan chose a pure white robe.

At her wedding, the Force Majeure actress wore a simple white dress by designer Claire Waite Keller (52) from Givenchy. However, the queen would have something to criticize the color for. “The Queen was surprised that Meghan was dressed in pure white on her wedding day. Maybe it’s a generational thing, but she believes that if you’ve been married before, you don’t wear exactly white on your wedding day,” a source told Katie Nicholls. “New members of the royal family.”

According to another source, the queen was also upset by Harry’s behavior during the preparations for the wedding. Among other things, Harry is said to have shouted at the Queen’s dresser: “What Megan wants, Megan gets.” This earned him a lecture from his grandmother. “I remember how upset she was about Harry’s monstrous behavior. All this has greatly spoiled their relationship,” the insider said.


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