That’s why Jimin wishes he had super powers


BTS member Jimin wishes he had super powers, what for? This said.

Jimin and Jungkook confessed that they wish they had super powers so they could meet ARMY. BTS’s success has been growing, as has its fan base in recent years. The boys of BigHit are very popular in K-pop and the support of their army is very important to them, since they know that they have their support at all times and each project will have a great reception from them, which is why which Jimin confessed his deep desire.

As part of Bangtan’s promotions and ad campaigns, Jimin and Jungkoook had an interview with Baskin Robbins, a Korean ice cream brand that they lent their image to. The K-pop idols talked about their favorite products and all the snacks they eat from the place.

The fun part came when Kookie and the “Filter” singer had to decide between two superpowers, whether there was a possibility of having superhuman abilities. Time travel or being able to teleport? Without a doubt, the second would be of great help, because that way they could visit all the countries where ARMY is located.

Going back in time would be a good strategy to relive all the moments between Bangtan and ARMY. Jungkook wishes he had both, but more to go back in time to relive memorable things.

Jimin in love with ARMY

For his part, Jimin thought a bit about this ability, believing that what they have experienced in the past has made them who they are today.

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Jungkook joked after the other BTS member’s reply and pretended to be offended as if there was meaning behind his reply. Jimin continued with the interview and assured that he would take the teleportation, that way he could meet all the armies in the world.

Jungkook agreed, some fans have not had the possibility to enjoy a BTS concert, many times companies carry out a market study to organize tours and depending on the demand or if there are companies willing to pay to bring a show your country is one. of the lucky ones on the Tour list.

While BTS doesn’t have superpowers, they can go back in time in other ways. “Dynamite” is a great example of this, taking references from the 90s, like the got milk campaign that Jungkook and Jimin revived, the disco-like rhythms and dance steps and poses of Michael Jackson.


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