“That’s why I killed…” — Will Smith Finally Reacted to The Abomination of Artificial Intelligence in That He Eats Spaghetti, and It’s Funny


For many years, people have been wondering how this rapid development of technology will affect human life. The number of complex AI models is growing, without even knowing how much it can get out of control. Will Smith’s bizarre modeling video, endlessly circulating on social networks, answered everything that the modern world was afraid of. The popular video filled netizens with horror and disgust, as this fragment showed the actor chewing spaghetti like some kind of monster. Many have claimed that this video is the first glimpse of doomsday predictions about AI, saying that experiments in AI technology have reached their apogee. Meanwhile, our fearless superstar seems to hold a very different opinion and believes that he can certainly save humanity.

Will Smith recently shared an abomination Al-Al in which he ate spaghetti in an absolutely horrifying way on Instagram. Making fun of this video, the “Bad Guys” star wrote in the caption: “That’s why I killed all these robots in iRobot.”


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For the uninformed, the Oscar-winner referred to his 2004 American sci-fi action film directed by Alex Proyas. Action I, Robot took place in the future, when highly intelligent robots occupied government positions. Del Spooner, played by Will Smith, hated these humanoids after the incident.

The main character lost faith in technology after a robot rescued him from a car accident, allowing a 12-year-old girl to drown because of some cold logic. This film focused on the idea that robots can never coincide with emotional beings like us, as they are hopelessly entangled in logical contradictions related to laws. Thus, they cannot work based on humanity or any other human feelings.

Will Smith once failed to charm a beautiful AI model

Back in 2018, Will Smith was asked to test the intelligence of a new AI model created by Hanson Robotic. Star Ali sat down with a humanoid named Robot Sophie for a game session, during which he tried to have an intimate conversation with her. Alas! Despite many funny attempts, he failed to impress this intelligent robot, who clearly kept his distance from the charming actor.

Therefore, during the review, he pointed out the main drawback of Sophie’s robot, because she refused to fulfill his requirements. Meanwhile, fans would say they shouldn’t worry about AI, as the 54-year—old star handles these robots quite effectively, expecting one thing – romance.

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