That’s what made Billie Eilish cry during the “Happier Than Ever” photo shoot


“Happier Than Ever” is sure to make you cry a tear or two. It’s not just an album; it’s a literary emotion. The album captures Billie Eilish’s path to fame, as well as all the cracks and creases she encountered in between. Now, if you noticed, she shed tears over the poster of one of her songs, and the emotions were so natural that it was impossible to understand whether it was really or it was just an illusion.

Billie Eilish and her phenomenal music have conquered the world. In her 20s, Eilish holds the Grammys, also known as the most prestigious music awards, like cupcakes. All because of her unique lyrics and ability to communicate with her audience, most of whom belong to generation Z. After the release of her debut song Ocean Eyes, the singer from Bad Guy remained on the Billboard charts forever.

Her recent album Happier Than Ever was no exception. And if you may have noticed, Eilish had tears in her eyes in the title song. But were they real?

Does Billy Eilish shed real tears in the song “Happier Than Ever”?

Speaking about the album, which tells about the journey of her life, the 20-year-old singer discussed whether she really cried in a song about heartbreak and anger with Mitch Churi. She said, “The plan was to take a beautiful picture in the style of Julie London,” and the photographer suggested that it would be great if you burst into tears. Therefore, Eilish asked the team to make an animated film about horses “Spirit”, especially the scene where they try to catch a horse, and this scene instantly made her cry. “This movie makes me go crazy,” Eilish told an interviewer.

It is noteworthy that the title track of her penultimate album is dedicated to her heaviest breakup. It begins as an acoustic breakup ballad, appealing to the ex who made Eilish unhappy: “I knew when I asked you / Be calm about what I told you / You will do the opposite of what you promised to do. /And I would end up being more afraid.” In the second verse, the song switches to the bass strings, causing disappointment.

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