That’s how Travis Scott feels about the supposed relationship of Kylie Jenner and Drake


Rumors began to emerge, after Drake’s 33rd birthday; He and Kylie remained very close, even, it was noted that the rapper and the young businesswoman were flirting. WHAAAT?

Subsequently, it was commented that both were beginning to have some romantic dates, leaving everyone believing that Jenner is willing to forget her ex, Travis Scott and rules out the possibility of a reconciliation.

With all this “new romance”, it is normal that many of us are wondering about what Scott thinks about his ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter, and about Drake who is 11 years older than the socialite.

According to Us Weekly, they know how Travis feels about the “new relationship”, because he makes sure that he doesn’t hold a grudge against Kylie or any of his friends. Although sources like E! and TMZ, have said that they do not intend to get a courtship, and unless they are dating in a romantic plan.

At the moment, these are just speculations, time will be telling us what will really happen.

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