That’s how RM reacted to the compliment he got


BTS’s RM knows how to freak out girls, but one comment put the rapper in a tight spot, find out what happened!

Namjoon known as RM of the successful South Korean group BTS, has become one of the most adorable boys, because that is how girls have expressed themselves every time they see their favorite idol in a publication on social networks, because at his young age it is a ladykiller.

And the thing is, the ARMY enjoys sharing various moments of his idol on Twitter, because in a recent video the reaction that the 26-year-old rapper had when they complimented him on his way of smiling, because you don’t have to deny that it looks so charming.

Every time RM of the K-Pop group BTS shares some messages he receives from his fans on social networks, there is no one who can resist commenting something about him, but this time what caused the most furor was the way he reacted being praised for his way of being.

BTS’s RM leaves ARMY drooling with his unexpected reaction

One of the moments most enjoyed by the ARMY of the leader of the South Korean boy band, is when the singer is surprised by the comments he receives from his followers, as there was one in particular that highlighted the following: “your smile is so contagious.”

After revealing what a person told him, the 26-year-old South Korean rapper could not hide his smile, because every time his followers mention a comment about his physique or his great talent, the singer always blushes, which makes it so irresistible.

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That video that a user shared on social networks, had thousands of reproductions, in the same way the ARMY commented that the smile of RM from BTS is like an important treasure, because every time he smiles, he makes the girls fall in love.


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