That time I turned into slime: the film “Scarlet Bond” is released in the world cinema


It seems that every year a new isekai is released that fans can sink their teeth into, but very few eventually stand the test of time and become popular among fans. Among them are “The Time I Turned into Slime” and Crunchyroll have just announced that their movie “The Time I Turned into Slime” The Movie: Scarlet Bond will be released in U.S. theaters in 2023.

“The time I turned into slime” is an anime isekai about a man who died and was reborn in a fantasy world in the form of slime (the name is very accurate). It is based on a light novel by the author Fuse, and this story is another powerful fantasy with an irresistible protagonist. The film was announced immediately after the end of the second season, and since then fans have been waiting for news about the American release.

While the anime follows the adventures as they take place in a light novel, the film will be an original story written by Fuse himself. The third season should follow after the release of the film, and it will most likely begin with the seventh volume. However, there is no content to read in this story, so it’s a treat for both anime fans and readers.

The first half of the trailer is dedicated to Rimur, offering a brief overview of the events that led to the position he is in now and what exactly is happening in the film. In the trailer, he says, “A long-standing conspiracy revolves around a mysterious force known as the ‘Queen’ in Raja, a small country west of Tempest. When a slime transformed into a Demon Lord named Rimuru Tempest crosses the paths of Hiro, a survivor of the ogre race, an incredible adventure filled with new characters begins. The power of bonds will be put to the test!”. According to the trailers, this ogre is supposedly Benimaru’s brother, which adds another whole new depth and layer of history. Otherwise, there’s not much action, and while there are a lot of interesting visuals and effects, the details regarding the movie remain a mystery.

The original story, which was not in the light novels, will surely appeal to both readers and only anime fans. The story was written by Fuse himself, so much of what happens fits into the main plot events, and also offers new and accurate portrayals and character interactions that were not seen. It is even possible that the film may foreshadow events that have not yet occurred in the series, which means that there are many reasons for excitement and anticipation when it comes to the release of the film. Expectations are certainly high.

A new story could refresh many, but others are tired of side stories or plots that don’t develop the main narrative. Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen decided to use their time on the big screen to adapt the stories already contained in the source material, and performed exclusively. Although this may be new content for fans, years of working with fillers and “non-canonical” materials have left many indifferent to any story that is not part of the original main series. However, with 8-bit animation and original voice actors set to return, this story is sure to be fun for those who tune in to it.

The time I turned into a slime Movie: Scarlet Bond is released on American screens in early 2023.