That ’70s Show’s Tanya Roberts dies at 65


Actress Tanya Roberts passed away at the age of 65 on Sunday (3) after going for a walk with her dogs. After passing out, Roberts was hospitalized on December 24 and was even helped with respirators. However, she did not resist. So far, the cause of death is unknown.

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The actress is famous for playing Donna Pinciotti’s mother (Laura Prepon) on That ’70s Show. In the series, she acted as a young mother who caught the attention of all the boys her daughter’s age. Roberts participated in the sitcom between 1998 and 2004, the year in which she decided to stop acting to care for her sick husband.

Her career started before those roles. In the 70s, Tanya Roberts worked as a model and it was only at the end of the decade that she decided to pursue a career as an actress.

In addition, she also participated in the series Charlie’s Angels (The Panthers), between 1980 and 1981. Her appearance was like Julie Rogers, one of the helpers of the main characters. In addition to the two main titles, Tanya Roberts also participated in productions such as The Love Boat, Fantasy Island and Barbershop. This was her last role, released in 2015. After that, the actress became active on social networks and made several lives during the pandemic.

Another prominent role was that of Stacey, in 007 – Na Mira dos Assassinos, a 1985 film.

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