Thanos’ uncle makes him look pathetic (no infinity stones)


Warning! Spoilers for X-Men: Red #5 from Marvel Comics

In case readers need any proof that Thanos’ great-uncle was more terrifying and powerful than the Mad Titan himself, Uranos the Immortal just proved that this is the case — without the Infinity Stones. In X-Men: Red #5 from Marvel Comics, the mutant’s point of view on Uranos’ attack on Arakko is revealed, as the manic Eternal leaves behind huge destruction in just one hour. Moreover, the explosive explosion shows that next to Thanos, Uranos is even more deadly.

Uranos the Immortal is Thanos’ deadliest ancestor, as he was responsible for the Civil War of the Eternals, as his genocidal actions led to him being imprisoned for hundreds of thousands of years. Uranos wanted to destroy all life that was not Eternal, going far beyond the mission of the Celestials to eliminate excess deviation on Earth. However, when Druig became Primordial, he gave Uranus one hour to prove how much damage he could cause, and the results were disastrous, since Thanos’ great-uncle did not need Infinity Stones to prove how many deaths he could accumulate. in such a short time.

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While Uranos’ destruction was highlighted in AXE: Judgment Day #1 by Marvel Comics, the true scale of the damage he inflicted on Arakko is revealed in X-Men: Red #4 by E. L. Ewing, Stefano Caselli, Federico Blee and VC. Ariana Maher. Thanos’ great-uncle’s army takes over most of Arakko’s defense, as Uranos tells Marvel’s mutants, who are considered an overreaction, that “all non-Eternal life must end. Uranos immediately kills the most powerful mutant in the Legion, Magneto’s chest, and confronts Cable’s most powerful weapon. Without the Infinity Stones, Uranos stands over the ashes of mutants on Arakko, destroying them in just an hour.

What is most impressive about Uranos’ victory over the X-Men on Arraco is that he hardly uses his powers in battle, as the infographic shows, it took him only 00,003% of his army to destroy more than 11,000 mutants. Unlike Thanos, Uranus the Immortal does not need Infinity Stones to unleash his full power. He barely flinches as he kills some of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe. Unfortunately, the upcoming chances of the mutant against Uranos do not bode well, given the huge damage he inflicted without even fully releasing his army in a limited time.

The Eternals locked up Uranos because of his incredibly dangerous powers, which manifested themselves in the destruction of Arakko. Given that he only worked with a small performance, if Thanos’ great-uncle ever completely unravels, the X-Men and the entire Marvel universe may not have a solution to stop him. Uranos may be the most terrifying threat Marvel heroes have ever faced, even without the Infinity Stones helping him like they have Thanos.


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