Thanos’ Son Has Revealed the True Secret of Marvel’s Absolute Power


After discovering the Power of the Phoenix, Thanos’ son Thane learned the secret truth behind Marvel’s absolute power, as the cosmic entity prefers death and rebirth to pure power. In Marvel Comics’ Thanos #6, the living incarnation of Death reveals that in order for Phoenix to rise and Thane to gain his incredible abilities, there must first be “death” followed by “rebirth”. The idea that the Phoenix desires those with pure power is confirmed when Echo eventually wields amazing power herself.

The Phoenix force is millions of years old, and it has had many carriers throughout its life, as the connecting link of all psychic energy in the Multiverse has remained constant throughout the Marvel universe. As a result, the Phoenix Force joined heroes such as Jean Grey, Fire-Haired from the Avengers 1,000,000 BC and several other heroes. However, when Thanos’ son Thane, and later the Avengers Echo, gained incredible power and became the new masters of the Phoenix Force, they revealed the secret of her true desires.

In Thanos #6 by Jeff Lemire, Mike Deodato Jr., Frank Martin, and Clayton Coles of Marvel Comics venture capital, Thane’s plan to use the Phoenix Egg to harness the powers of the Phoenix Force seems to have failed after Nebula kills him before he has time to do so. communication with him. However, Death reveals that the only way Thane could access the Phoenix Force was through “death and rebirth”, allowing Thanos’ son to be reborn with universe-destroying power.

The secret that the Power of the Phoenix requires death and rebirth, and not pure power from its masters, played a key role in the fact that the hero Echo received his abilities during the Phoenix Avengers Tournament. Even though she lost the battle with Namor and was beaten almost to death, the Phoenix Force chose Echo as its next host. Like Thanos’ son Thane, the Phoenix Force needed death before rebirth, so when Echo began to die, the entity decided that she was the perfect choice as the new host of incredible power.

The Phoenix Force, despite its incredible strength, still has many mysterious elements for readers. It is a cosmic force of nature with an almost immeasurable limit of power. However, by choosing Echo after her near-death experience in the Phoenix Tournament and bringing Thane back to life after his own death, the secret of the cosmic entity choosing death and rebirth over pure power when it comes to the host has become clearer than ever. . So while Echo might have seemed like an unexpected choice for the Phoenix Force, based on the fact that it also chose Thanos’ son, Thane, the decision made more sense than ever before.


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