Thanos Proves that the MCU Has Barely Explored the Coolest Infinity Stone


Warning! Spoilers for Silver Surfer: Rebirth #4 from Marvel Comics

In Thanos and the Silver Surfer’s fight to keep the Reality Stone out of the wrong hands, Marvel reveals that the true power of the coolest Infinity Stone has barely been explored in the MCU. In the new preview of Silver Surfer: Rebirth #4 from Marvel Comics, the Tyrant villain alters reality with the gemstone, forcing Thanos and the Silver Surfer to take on several new shapes and forms as they try to break free from the grip of the Reality Stone. . In addition, the changing artistic styles show how the MCU could accept the strangeness of the Reality Stone much more than in the end.

In the MCU, as in the Infinity Gauntlet saga in the comics, Thanos eventually acquired all six Infinity Stones in order to destroy half of all living beings. However, the Mad Titan has never used the most bizarre abilities of the Reality Stone, as in the comics. Thanos used the gem to trick the Guardians of the Galaxy into believing that he had not yet defeated the Collector and taken the Infinity Stone. He also used it to transform Mantis and Drax into different forms, turn Star Lord and Gamora’s weapons into bubbles, and use the reality-altering power to show the Avengers the destruction of Titan.

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In the new preview of Silver Surfer: Rebirth #4 by Ron Martz, Ron Lim, Don Ho, Israel Silva and Joe Sabino from Marvel Comics’ Joe Sabino, Thanos and the Silver Surfer team up to stop the Tyrant as the villain uses the Reality Stone. The cosmos for its pursuit of power. However, their initial attempts to get the gem back result in the Tyrant changing reality and changing his forms, promising to kill them both.

The Tyrant’s change of reality transforms the Silver Surfer and Thanos into different artistic styles, colors and shapes. The hero and villain’s bodies transform into a cubism-like shape when the Reality Stone echoes in their beings, and each ripple is slightly different from the previous one. The transformational abilities of the gemstone in this scene show how much the Infinity Stone can change reality, which the MCU did not fully use in its image.

There was a scene in the MCU similar to the power of the Reality Stone above, but it had nothing to do with the Infinity Stone. In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, America Chavez and Doctor Strange jump through different realities, they change shape, similar to how a jewel affects Thanos and the Silver Surfer. However, the most bizarre and transformational abilities of the Infinity Stone were never fully realized in the MCU, as Thanos’ use of the Reality Stone, while impressive, kept things pretty simple with regards to changing the world around him. Readers can see Silver Surfer and Thanos battling Tyrant and the Real Estate Stone when Silver Surfer: Revival #4 from Marvel Comics hits comic book stores on Wednesday.