Thanos Never Received Marvel’s Secret Seventh Infinity Stone


While Thanos acquired the six famous Infinity Stones in the Marvel Universe to wipe out half of all living things, the secret seventh gem has always eluded him: the Ego Stone (also called the Ego Stone). Marvel Comics revealed that the seventh Infinity Stone was secretly created with six other powerful gems hidden in another reality. The Ego Stone is associated with one of Marvel’s oldest creatures, Nemesis.

Infinity Stones are ancient cosmic gems that give the wearer special control over the Marvel universe. The original six gems consisted of a Time Stone, a Space Stone, a Reality Stone, a Mind Stone, a Power Stone, and a Soul Stone. Thanos is known to have obtained all six gems during the Infinity Gauntlet saga, where he used their incredible power to erase half of all life from existence in order to please the living incarnation of death. However, there was a secret seventh Infinity Stone, which Thanos never knew about and which is associated with the origin of the Marvel Universe and a cosmic force named Nemesis.

Although the seventh Infinity Stone could be represented in the Ultraverse, it is associated with a cosmic being rooted in the main Marvel Comics universe. In Silver Surfer #45 by Jim Starlin, Ron Lim, Tom Christopher, Ken Brusenak and Tom Vincent, Mephisto explains to Thanos that he does not know all the secrets of the universe, despite having acquired Infinity Stones. He explains that the gems were once an omnipotent being (who would later be revealed as Nemesis) who was the only living being in existence. Before killing herself out of loneliness, Nemesis created life, starting with Mephisto and the demons. Realizing her mistake, Nemesis self-destructed and split into seven Infinity Stones. However, the Ego Stone ended up in the Ultraverse.

The Ego Stone contained Nemesis consciousness, where anyone who used its power in the Ultraverse was captured by a cosmic being. Unfortunately for the Eternal Cersei, she became a vessel of Nemesis when she tried to use the Infinity Stones to remake two universes. However, the Infinity Stones did not work in tandem and did not unite with their creator as she had planned, which allowed the Black Knight and the Avengers to destroy the Ego Stone and get rid of Nemesis forever.

Ultimately, Thanos never got the chance to get an audience with Nemesis and contain the powers of the secret Ego Stone. However, given his already considerable power, it would probably be better for the Marvel Universe if he never received the power of the seventh Infinity Stone. Although it would be fun to see Marvel Comics revisit the Ego Stone in the future and tell a “What If…?” story in which Thanos gets his hands on it and merges with Nemesis. Thanos, with the seven Infinity Stones wielded by Nemesis, could be one of Marvel’s strongest villains.