Thanos In The Eternals? Understand The Theory That Went Viral On The Internet


Eternals: Since the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), back in 2008, people have realized that the company knows how to make connections between its works in theaters. Characters, events and even speeches that appear back there ended up being reused intelligently later on.

This synergy between the productions makes fans create the most diverse theories. One that went viral this week involves Os Eternos and Thanos. According to the hypothesis, the villain will appear in the new Marvel movie that will be released in October this year in Brazil.

The theory

The theory began to go viral when Twitter’s Marvel News profile published last Monday (31) about an alleged leak in an Amazon calendar. The calendar, which has the theme of the Eternals, says that the protagonists of the film were created on the planet Titan. This is exactly where Thanos was born and which appears completely destroyed in Avengers: Infinite War.

In another post, the page reminds of concept arts that were previously released. The images show children and youth versions of the purple villain. Producers of recent Avengers films had already said that Thanos’ youth performance was considered.

The subject went viral even further on social media when a fan profile for the upcoming Marvel film recalled that there are conceptual arts that show young Thanos alongside immortal beings.


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