Thalia imposes new nail trend on Instagram


The famous singer and actress Thalia unleashed once again a new trend on Instagram, because apparently she is always stuck to the latest fashion shout.

Thalia always gives something to talk about and in Latin America she is one of the most beloved celebrities by the public, this time she surprises us again becoming a trend and all for her new nails that apparently everyone has loved.

The 48-year-old singer always tries to be fashionable and when not, tries to impose a new trend on people, as it is this time with her nails that caused a furor.

Thalia went back a few years where this style of using the brand of clothes, bags, among other things was something that everyone did.

It was in her Instagram stories where the singer shared the entire process she had in the aesthetics for that nail design that was done with a transparent finish and the signature print of Luis Vuitton .

The truth is that this is a style that combines with absolutely everything, and is something that the artist is happy to wear fresh and modern hands . In addition, they allow hands to look elegant , without being too extravagant .

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One of the things that stood out the most was that Thalia wore exclusive lenses of the same brand as her nails, without a doubt she is a woman who loves this firm and has expensive tastes.

Apparently Thalia was quite excited by this new design that her nails carry as well as her followers were fascinated with this new trend.

This type of nail design is just beginning to become popular with people and Thalia is once again one of the first to wear it .

This work, which has certainly caused a sensation, was carried out by Kro Vargas , an expert in nail design that Thalia seems to have already enjoyed her work. She is also the creator of the iconic nails of the famous Spanish singer Rosalia .


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