Thaddeus Moss’ Hit was Legal: NFL World Reaction


A lot has been said about Thaddeus Moss’ attack on Cavon Thibodeau on Sunday night.

Thibodeau entered the game without blocking before Moss hit him with a low block, causing Thibodeau to leave the game due to a knee injury.

Fans immediately turned to social media to call Morse, as it was such a block that knocks down the knees.

However, according to ProFootballTalk’s Michael Florio, cut blocking has been legal in the NFL for decades, and this case happened in the tackle box.

Most NFL fans agreed that there was no flag in the game, although Thibodeau could have been seriously injured.

Thibodeau confirmed to the media after the game that he was fine and that the injury was not too serious.

This is a big win for the Giants, especially since he is expected to be their best pass rusher this season.


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