TFT (TeamFight Tactics): Patch Notes 12.4; Changes And News


TFT: We detail the changes and novelties that the new patch 12.4 (already available) brings in systems, attributes and champions to TeamFight Tactics (TFT). TFT version 12.4 arrives, focused on the Neon Nights theme, with a good handful of new features that go beyond balancing various legends, system adjustments, attributes and others. It is a more complete update than others, so below you will find all the information about it in these patch notes offered by Riot Games.

Gossip and Gadgets Pass II

Like the previous pass, the CyC II pass gives us free content for playing and getting EXP; however, if we upgrade to the + pass for 1295 RP/MT, we will have access to all the rewards. For the first time, the + pass comes with an unlockable level 3 arena (interactive and capable of reacting), the Toxitorium, near the end of the pass. In addition to the Tier 3 Arena, we’ll get rewards only available to true residents of Neon Nights: Tier 1 Arenas, Sparks, Little Legends Eggs, Star Shards, and Pass+ Exclusive Little Legends.

Hextech Battle Arena

Neon Nights will take us to the place where Choncc and Pingu are destined to put their battle bots to the test. Hextech Battle Arena is a futuristic, commentary-based esports arena with over 50 unique dialogue lines depending on what’s happening. Whether we win or lose, this arena will tell us.