TFT (TeamFight Tactics) – Patch Notes 10.16; changes


We detail all the changes that patch 10.16 brings to TeamFight Tactics (TFT) and that affect systems, attributes and various champions.

Like every few weeks, the Riot Games team offers Master Tactics players a series of variations on certain aspects of the title to give a breath of fresh air to its goal. In the release notes they claim to be happy with the current state of the game’s balance, so they have only modified a few items, champions, and attributes to perform better, while weakening the compositions most prone to unbalance the game (Sniper and Astronaut). We also remind you that you can check the changes of the objects in the entry for them. Below, we detail the changes introduced in this TFT patch.

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TFT: all changes and updates in patch 10.16


As usual, this patch offers us the possibility of acquiring three new mini-legends: Melisma, Alatierna and Pingu from the spiritual flourish event. In this way they expand the range of aesthetic elements that we can achieve both by paying with Riot Points and through the missions of the event in question.


As for systems and as it has become customary for a few patches, a new galaxy is introduced to the detriment of another, which is removed from the game. This time we will stop being able to play in Star Cluster in exchange for the possibility that the Junk World board appears. In it, when we sell a champion with complete items, its components will break, giving us the possibility to use their essential items in a different way in another champion. In addition, we can see the recipes of the different objects by right-clicking on any component, highlighting the final objects that we can create with what we have available on the board at that time.

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This time the figures of various objects have been varied in order that getting certain of them is not so difficult for the player.

  • Hand of Justice: Now grants 50% healing based on the wearer’s damage done to both its abilities and basic attacks.
  • Hextech Pistol-Saber: Additional healing provided by the item transforms into a shield for up to 400 health.
  • Increases the Medallion Shield of the Iron Solari, becoming 250/300/375.
  • The damage multiplier for Runaan’s Hurricane is now 75%.
  • Statikk Dagger’s damage is decreased by five units, down to 85. In return, the item deals 85 additional true damage if the target has a shield or is under control of the opponent.
  • Swordbreaker disarm probability increased to 33%.


  • Ezreal’s Mana Mowing, Veil of Calm, and Mana Reaper effect reduced to 30%.
  • Decreases Cronos’ attack speed gain by staying 8/3/1 / 0.5 s.
  • The time at which infiltrates jump has been fixed at 0.6 s.
  • Mecha Pilot’s Mecha Damage damage reduced to 650/700/750/850/900/1200/5000.
  • Increase the amount of Rebel’s shield to 150/225 / 400-
    Also increases the chance of obtaining an item with Space Pirate to 33%.
  • Vanguard’s additional armor reduced to 125/300/900.

Unlikely attributes

Riot’s team wanted to improve these attributes so that obtaining them is more rewarding for the player, since it is very difficult to achieve them.

  • Rebel’s damage and health buff (9): 330 and 15% ⇒ 400 and 20%
  • Star Guardian Mana (9): 45 ⇒ 60
  • War Machine Damage / Heal (8): 880 ⇒ 1000
  • Dark Star attack damage and spell power (8): 38 ⇒ 48
  • Infiltrator Attack Speed ​​(6): 120% ⇒ 150%


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