TFT (TeamFight Tactics): 10.17 patch notes; changes


We detail all the changes that patch 10.17 brings to TeamFight Tactics (TFT) and that affect systems, attributes and various champions.

Master Tactics update 10.17 arrives without notice and earlier than expected, interrupting the official title tournament on the LATAM server. As we were warned in the previous patch, we are facing some slight and reduced adjustments, since the Riot Games team has taken a few days off. Even so, these modifications alter the meta, which is in its final days: Set 4 of Teamfight Tactics will arrive in September. But for now, we’ll have to play the remainder of Set 3 taking into account the 10.17 changes. We break them down below.


Enter a new galaxy called Manatee’s Delight, in which all players will have a spatula from the start of the game. In return, Binary Star has been removed from the game’s systems roster. The ability to have a spatula in our possession from the beginning encourages both improbable compositions and the creation of Force in Nature, which can give a refreshing and unexpected point of view to our games.


This time, the Hand of Justice has been nerfed, reducing its damage and healing to 45%. It was an object that tended to be forced in practically all games since with its previous 50% it was very beneficial, we will have to wait to see how this decrease affects the game in the practical field. On the other hand, the maximum charges of Titanic Resolution are reduced by half, going to 25.


The only ones that have undergone changes in this patch have been the Snipers. Its damage bonus has been reduced, from 10/18% to 9/16%. This change directly appeals to one of the most popular compositions to date, which featured Jhin as a carry.

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Finally, we summarize the changes made to the values ​​of the champions, among which a buff to Riven stands out that can end up earning a place of honor in the composition of Swordsmen.

Tier 1

Jarvan IV’s armor is now 40.
Poppy’s magic resistance is increased to 35.

Tier 2

Blitzcrank’s armor increased considerably, from 45 to 60.

Tier 3

Cassiopeia’s ultimate ability increased to 700/1500/3500.
Master Yi’s ultimate is lowered to 70/95/145.
Neeko’s ability is slightly nerfed, becoming 150/250/450.
Shaco’s armor is now 20 points.

Tier 4

Riven’s health is increased to 850, his magic resistance to 30, and an issue affecting his attack speed has been fixed.

Tier 5

Gangplank’s ultimate ability decreased to 525/675/9001.
Xerath’s final ability increases both her base damage and her spread damage, staying at 320/440/2500 and 80/110/625 respectively.


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