TFT Targets: see details of the first patch of the new set


The new set of Teamfight Tactics (TFT), Destinations, arrives on the servers of the game Auto Chess on September 16, 2020. According to Riot Games, the current set “Galaxies” is expected to be replaced with patch notes updates 10.19 of League of Legends. The update will bring a whole new cast of champions and features inspired by LoL skins, as well as new arenas and small legends, all to assemble new compositions (comps).

TFT is available for download in a mobile version on Android and iPhone (iOS), and as a LoL game mode on the PC. The game requires building a team and trying to be the last surviving player in a duel against seven other rivals.

Following a different version of the other sets released so far, “Destinations” will have a unique theme. This time, the set will follow the line of mythical fantasy skins found in League of Legends. It is not yet known which skins will enter the game and what new features will be there, but the Set will start with a cast of 58 new champions, in addition to new items that promise to diversify and expand the range of strategies for summoners.

The set will also bring a new exclusive mechanic, just as set two contained hexagons and elemental maps, and the current set has different galaxies. Other news will be a Destinations Pass and Destinations + Pass, new attack animations, a new line of Little Legends and alternative ways of enhancements, as well as a reset in the ranked season with unprecedented rewards.

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