TFT Patch 11.2: new champions, origins and classes


Breaking down everything we know about the upcoming TFT Patch 11.2, the Festival of the Beasts event, and the second half of the Destinations set

The Riot Games team has announced on their official networks a reference table for half of this TFT Destinations Set: Festival of the Beasts. This table indicates all the origins, classes and champions that we can combine to win victory from patch 11.2 of the title, which will be implemented in the game on the 21st of this month. In this article we detail all the information that we know so far from this second part of Destinations.

Origins in the festival of beasts

This time we will have thirteen different origins that we must combine in our compositions to find the most optimal synergies. They are as follows:

Cultist: When your team total is at mid-life or below, a Galio is summoned, lifting enemies he hits into the air.
Divine: After attacking six times or losing half of life, divine units take 25% less damage and deal additional true damage based on the number of champions of this origin that we have on the board.
Dragon Soul: The first allies of this origin to take damage are blessed with additional stats and every five attacks deal an explosion that deals 50% of the enemy’s maximum health as magic damage. Upon death, his blessing passes to an ally, in addition to adding extra AP and attack speed.
Enlightened: Generate more mana.
Ancient Forest: Every two seconds, these champions grow and gain new stats (armor, magic resistance, AD, and AP), stacking the effect up to five times.
Exile: If he does not have close allies at the beginning of combat, he obtains a shield equivalent to 50% of his life and 80% of life steal if we have two of them on the board.
Fortuna: We get additional orbs by winning battles, being better the longer we have been without an orb.
Mythic: His spells have an additional effect.
Ninja: They get bonus attack damage and spell power if we have exactly one or four on the board.
Spirit: The first time a spirit character casts a spell, allied champions gain attack speed based on the mana cost of the spell.
Warlord: They have additional life and magic power, and their bonus increases by 10% for each victory they have participated in, up to a maximum of five.
The Boss: When Sett’s health drops to 40%, he leaves the board and does sit-ups. For each abdominal he restores 15% health and receives 20% attack speed. He then returns to combat doing real damage with both his basic attacks and spells.
Reckless: Samira changes her target every two basics, gliding towards him if he is out of reach of her. Her combo rating increases with each attack and resets when she casts a spell.


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