TFT Mobile: Teamfight Tactics hits 4.5 million mobile downloads


Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Mobile has accumulated over 4.5 million downloads. The Riot Games game was released for Android smartphones and iPhone (iOS) on March 19, and in the first seven days it has been downloaded 3.6 million times on Google Play and the App Store worldwide. The figures are from SensorTower, a consultancy focused on the mobile market economy. TFT Mobile is available for free download.

TFT originally emerged a mode within League of Legends (LoL). Available in 2019, the game Auto Chess became a phenomenon on the PC and reached 80 million players worldwide. The launch of the mobile game was much awaited by the community.

Also according to SensorTower, TFT Mobile was the biggest success story among the launchings of Auto Chess games for cell phones, surpassing competitors such as Auto Chess: Origin from Dragonest, Chess Rush and Dota Underlords. The report also points out that the United States represents the highest percentage of downloads so far, 17%, followed by South Korea, 13%.

The minimum requirements for downloading TFT Mobile on the iPhone is to have the iPhone 6S or a newer model from Apple. In Google’s system, it is necessary to have Android 7 or newer, 1.5 GB of RAM and hardware and 64-bit operating system. All users need a Riot account to log into the game.

The strategy game mixes elements of MOBAs and board games. In the format of eight players all against all, to win you must combine champions, place them on the board and eliminate your opponents in turns. The last survivor wins. The TFT characters are the same as in the LoL universe.

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