TFT: guide to all objects and combinations of set 4.5


We collect all the combinations of TFT objects (updated with patch 11.2) and their respective items that you need for all compositions

(Updated January 2021) Master Tactics, Teamfight Tactics or TFT, was the first step Riot took in expanding its roster of titles beyond its flagship, League of Legends. From the moment we were able to play its open beta until now, many players have become fond of this auto-chess, also taking advantage of the convenience that its arrival on mobile phones implies. A large community has been created around the title, whose strategies have to adapt to the patches that introduce changes to the meta every two weeks. To achieve victory and differentiate ourselves from our opponents, it is essential not only to be flexible and master various compositions, but also to know how to correctly equip the objects with which we are making. For that reason, we bring you all the items from Teamfight Tactics Set 4, as well as their combinations and tips when it comes to prioritizing them during patch 11.2.

Objects and combinations with the Greatsword in TFT

Without combining, the Greatsword deals +15 Physical Damage to the champion who wields it. In addition, the objects that arise from the fusion of the same maintain this increase in physical damage.

  • Greatsword + Greatsword = Deadly Edge: Each time the equipped unit achieves or participates in assassinating an enemy champion, it accumulates a charge on this item. Each charge translates to +20 physical damage that lasts until the end of the fight in question. Start the showdown with a default charge.
  • Greatsword + Needlessly Large Rod = Hextech Gunblade: Heals 33% of damage dealt. The additional healing generates a shield that has a maximum of 300 health.
  • Greatsword + Curved Bow = Executioner of Giants: Both basic attacks and spells of the wielder deal 10% / 80% additional damage, increasing the bonus if the target has a health greater than 1750.0.
  • Greatsword + Tear of the Goddess = Spear of Shojin: The bearer’s basic attacks restore 5 mana for each basic attack he executes.
  • Greatsword + Chain Vest = Guardian Angel: Once per combat, revive the wielder two seconds after his death with 400 health and eliminating all negative effects that he could have.
  • Greatsword + Negatron Cloak = Bloodthirsty: Attacks grant 40% Lifesteal.
  • Greatsword + Belt of the Giant = Herald of Zeke: At the beginning of combat, both its wielder and champions located one hex to the right and left of it gain 30% attack speed.
  • Greatsword + Spatula = Sword of the Celestial: The bearer gains the attribute of Celestial.
  • Greatsword + Combat Gloves = Infinite Edge: Grants 75% critical hit chance, with components included. For every 1% wielder’s critical chance above 100% it becomes + 1% critical hit damage.


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