TFT: Destinations; all classes, origins and champions


We detail all the changes that the Destiny set will bring to Teamfight Tactics in terms of origins, champions and classes, starting with patch 10.19.

A couple of weeks ago the Riot team unveiled the theme for the next TFT set. Under the name of Destinations, we will enter a world full of magic inhabited by dragons, villains, kind spirits and even ghosts. All of this will officially arrive in the game with patch 10.19 in early September. And, for the first time, we have all the information about the classes and origins on which we will base our strategy in the coming months, as well as the champions with whom we will be able to build our squad. We detail them below.

The origins in TFT: Destinations

In the fourth set of Master Tactics we will have thirteen origins in total, which we will have to combine in the most efficient way to achieve victory in each game:

  • Cultists: When the entire team has lost 50% of their health, Galio is summoned. It hits the largest group of enemies and lifts them into the air.
  • Divine: When they attack a minimum of six times or lose half their life, units of this origin ascend, taking 25% less damage and dealing extra true damage for the rest of the fight.
  • Last Night: These champions increase the spell power of all allies, varying the percentage according to the amount of them we have on the board.
  • Enlightened: These characters generate extra mana.
    Ancient Forest: These champions grow every two seconds, gaining additional stats. The effect stacks a maximum of five times.
  • Exile: If an exile has no allies in the adjacent spaces at the start of each combat, he gains a shield equal to 50% of his maximum life and 100% life steal.
  • Fortuna: Winning battles against opponents grants us additional orbs, and the longer we go without an orb, the more reward we get.
  • Moonlight: At the beginning of each battle, the champion of this origin with the lowest star level increases their level until the end of the battle. If there is a tie, the champion with the most items equipped will be chosen.
  • Ninja: These characters gain additional attack damage and spell power, activating this upgrade only when you have one or four different ninja.
  • Spirit: The first time a spirit champion casts his ability, all allies gain attack speed based on the mana cost of that spell.
  • Warlord: Have additional life and spell power. Each victory in which they have participated translates into a 10% increase in their bonus, and is accumulated a maximum of five times.
  • The Boss: The first time the boss’s health drops to 40%, he leaves the board and starts doing sit-ups. Each one of them restores 15% of life and increases their attack speed by 20%. He will return to the board dealing true damage, either when his life is back to full or when all other allies have been eliminated.
  • Haunted: After participating in three battles, he can transform.
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