TFT: Composition Astro Snipers – patch 10.16


We detail the best comps from Teamfight Tactics (TFT) patch 10.16. Tips and tricks to win with Astro Snipers.

Like every two weeks, the Riot Games team has changed the goal of Master Tactics by introducing small variations in objects, characters and galaxies. Of course, this makes the compositions that worked a few days ago become obsolete in favor of new ones. This time around, we’re going to break down one of the strongest Tier S starting approaches in this 10.16 patch, Sniper Astronauts.

First measures of the game

The ideal in this title is never to force a specific composition, but to have the strongest in mind so that when the game offers us the tools we know how to take advantage of them. Therefore, if in the stores of the first rounds we run into a few Mordekaiser, Nautilus, Bardo, Jhin or Teemo, we will know that this game points to the composition of sniper astronauts.

Of course, objects are also a key element when reading a trajectory in the game. This time we will need Greatswords, Combat Gloves and curved bows. With them we will be able to create the fundamental objects for our campus, a Last Words and an Infinite Edge.

Also keep in mind that we will have to climb to level eight as soon as possible with enough gold saved to roll over fifty gold in search of our main carry, Jhin.

The perfect composition

Like all compositions, this one will have to adapt to what we can achieve as the rounds progress. The key to winning this title is being flexible with our tactics. The ideal for this formation would be to get a Jhin at level three as soon as possible, since this will be our fundamental carry. We will accompany him with Caitlyn, Ashe and Teemo to get the advantages of the snipers. We will also need a Nautilus and a Gnar that, together with Teemo, are provided by Astronaut. Also, when combining Ashe with Wukong we will get Chrono, and adding a Lulu we will also get Celestial.

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In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, we will also get Vanguard and Dark Star naturally, which will further enhance our Jhin’s attack damage as well as protect him from possible enemy attacks.

Objects and positioning

In terms of itemization, it is very important to give Jhin items that boost his critical attack. For this reason, he is usually equipped with an Infinite Edge, a Last Words, and a Guardian Angel. We can add an Ionic Spark to Gnar that allows him to last longer on the board, while Teemo is interesting to give him a Rabadon Hat and a blue Upgrade to use his ability as many times as possible in each round.

When it comes to positioning our characters, it is important that we take into account how the enemies are located, so that we can take advantage of it. What is generally done with this composition is to put Nautilus, Wukong and Gnar in the front line to act as tanks, while at the end of the whole we will place snipers and Lulu, always next to Jhin. In this way, our carries can kill the enemy without taking damage, since they have three tanks in front of them….


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