TFT: classes from set 4 Destinations


TeamFight Tactics (TFT) receives its new set, set 4 “Destinations”, on September 16, 2020. The set arrives to replace the current set 3, called Galaxies.

The update is scheduled for patch 10.19 of League of Legends (LoL). Some changes have already been revealed, such as new classes, origins and 17 known characters. In addition, a new game mechanic will be released. On Twitter, the official profile of France’s TFT revealed that “Destinations” should reach the test server (PBE) on September 1st. Check out Riot Games’ Auto Chess news below.

The first big news promoted by Riot Games to the game will be the “Mechanics of Destinations – Chosen”. A “Chosen” champion will appear in the player’s store at random. Champions with this characteristic are already two stars and cost three times the version of a star. Another improvement offered by these characters will be their origin or class counting as two, making it easier to obtain bonuses. Finally, the “Chosen One” receives 200 health and a unique additional attribute, which can be 500 health, 35% ability power, 50 Attack Damage or 25% reduced Mana cost. After purchasing a “Chosen” champion, others no longer appear in the store until the first is sold.

Among the planned changes are new classes and origins, such as Warmaster, Lunar, Cultist, Sniper, Vanguard, Ninja, Example, Duelist, Blinding, Spectral and Dark, in addition to the already known Vanguard and Fighter. Next, learn about skills from some of these classes and backgrounds.

War Master

Warmasters get stronger with each victory on your team. By activating this synergy, all champions gain Life and Ability Power for each battle won and the previous ones – even if the feature was not active. The effect can stack up to five times, making it a strong class the more you use it.

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Champions with this characteristic have an additional 150 Life and 10 Ability Power with three on the field, 400 Life and 25 Ability Power with six and 600 Life, and 50 Ability Power with nine champions of the characteristic. Power increases according to the number of characters on the field. Being 30 Life and three Ability Power per accumulation with three War Masters in the field, 40 Life and five Ability Power with six and 80 health and 10 Ability Power with nine.


One of the new origins is Lunar, composed by Diana, Lissandra and Sylas. When activating this feature, the lowest level champion automatically earns a star. If there is a tie, the character with the most items will benefit from the improvement. The biggest novelty of this synergy is allowing, for the first time in TFT, to obtain four-star champions. This composition will allow new possibilities for players and should be successful at the beginning of the game.


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