‘Text editing tool’ for developers from Twitter


Twitter incorporates many new regulations. Twitter, which has recently acquired Fleets, is now taking a new step that takes developers into focus. Twitter announced the API (Application Programming Interface), which it named as Twitter Text Editor.

The Twitter Text Editor for iOS developers is open source to make editing easy, which can get complicated from time to time.

Twitter Text Editor for iOS developers

It aims to solve common text editing problems that are thought to confuse developers, such as syntax highlighting and text content filtering. This newly announced tool is available for iOS developers other than Twitter to add powerful text editing to their apps.

The tool, an open source software, is used in features of Twitter developers such as Tweet and Fleets. The text editor API basically brings a lot of convenience. Twitter Text Editor’s delegate-based APIs are reported to be designed to be similar to many common UIKit APIs. In this way, it includes many features such as update logic with its robust attribute, additional text editing activities, secure processing for text entries.

All GitHub source codes related to the new tool offered by Twitter are available at this link.


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