Texas quarterback Quinn Evers won’t be back: Fans react


Texas is watching the disappointment of Alabama No. 1. To accomplish the unthinkable, the Longhorns will have to defeat the Crimson Tide without a starting quarterback.

Quinn Evers, who left the game at the end of the first quarter due to injury, will not return in today’s game. Hudson Card works as a quarterback in Texas football.

Unsuccessful development in Austin. However, the Longhorns are still within reach.

“Source: Texas quarterback Quinn Evers won’t be back for tonight’s game against Alabama. He went to the locker room to get an X—ray, and he won’t play anymore today,” Pete Thamel said.

#Longhorns WB Quinn Ewers was thrown on a shoulder that wasn’t throwing. This mechanism of injury can lead to AC/SC separation or clavicle fracture. We hope for the best for this young man,” Doc Flynn said.

“Brutal for Texas,— writes Scott Carpenter.

Can Texas survive without a starting quarterback? Find out on FOX.


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