Texas fans Outraged by Steve Sarkisian’s Decision


Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian was criticized for his decision to score a goal from the game instead of making a touchdown before halftime.

The Longhorns were on the two—yard line when Sarkisian decided to score points-at least, that’s what he thought. Kicker from the spot Bert Auburn missed the attempt and missed the opportunity to go ahead on the break.

Instead of a possible 17-10 advantage, the Longhorns share 10-10 with the Alabama Crimson Tide, who took first place.

“If Texas loses a close game, then Steve Sarkisian’s decision to score the ball from the game in the last game of the first half will haunt Longhorns fans for a long time,” wrote Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk.

Sarkisian and the Longhorns came away with three points in another close appearance in the red zone earlier in the game. Texas fans were upset by what they thought was interference with a missed pass, which would probably have resulted in a touchdown.

If the Longhorns want to upset the number one team in the country, they will need to use more scoring opportunities in the second half.


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