Texas Fans Furious Over Missed Pass Interfering With Call Against Alabama


Texas fans aren’t too happy with a missed pass during Saturday’s game against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

The missed call occurred in the end zone in the deciding game with a third down in the first quarter. An unsuccessful conversion forced the Longhorns to score a goal from the game instead of making a touchdown.

The football world reacted to this game on Twitter.

“Wow, shock, Alabama got off with an obvious pass interference. Oh no, who foresaw it,” one fan said sarcastically.

“This is a minor intervention for everyone else,” wrote another.

“I am a fan of #bamafootball through and through. But it was interference with the transmission on #bama,” another added.

This throw from the game for the Longhorns tied the score 3-3. On the next possession, the Crimson Tide, who took first place, walked down the field, scored a touchdown and increased the score to 10-3.

Texas will try to benefit from


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