“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Actor John Larroquette Says He Was Paid with Weed for the Role


John Larroquette claimed that he was paid for the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” with weed.

In an interview with Parade, the actor said that Tobe Hooper, the director of the 1974 horror film, offered an alternative form of payment for voicing the prologue of the film — a rumor that has been circulating on the Internet for a long time.

—That’s right,— Larroquette said. “He gave me some marijuana, or a matchbox, or whatever you called it in those days. I came out of the recording studio, patted him on the back and said, “Good luck to you!”

Larroquette said he first met the director in the summer of 1969, when he was working as a bartender in Colorado, and Hooper was working in the area on a project.

The couple struck up a friendship before reuniting a few years later when Larroquette moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

“Tobe heard that I was in town and asked for an hour of my time to tell something for this movie he just made,” he said. “I said, ‘OK!’. It was a service.”

The Texas chainsaw massacre spawned the franchise, and Larroquette returned to talk about subsequent sequels. However, he received decent pay for these works.

“You do something for free in the 1970s and get some money in the 90s,” he said. “This is definitely the only loan that is firmly entrenched in my resume.”

Last year, the ninth part of the horror series was released. The film, directed by David Blue Garcia, takes place several decades after the original, and the returning serial killer Leatherface targets a group of young adults.

In a three – star review , NME wrote: “Director David Blue Garcia is a reliable pair of hands, he makes all the right shots as he enthusiastically scatters blood and guts, looking for ever more inventive ways to push people to the chainsaw. He creates tension convincingly enough that you wonder if maybe, just maybe, this character is going to get out alive.

“Of course, there is no real reason for this story to continue to unfold. It’s all about enjoying the images of human beings being sliced. At least in this respect, the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” does not disappoint.”


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