Tether Presses 100 Million USDT in TRON Network


Tether (USDT) produced 100 million new USDTs in the Tron network .

There are now 100 million more than USDT, the world’s third largest cryptocurrency . The market value of USDT, which has recently outstripped XRP, has now risen to $ 9.2 billion.

According to information reported by Whale Alert, Tether officials have produced 100 million new USDTs on the TRON network today . Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino no longer neglected to comment that this was ” an inventory renewal” by commenting on us.

With this move of Tether, the total value of TRON-based USDTs reached up to $ 2.7 billion. For a comparison, we can say that the total value of Ethereum based USDTs is $ 5.7 billion.

Reacted Again

Tether’s 100 million new USDTs were not welcomed by the cryptocurrency community. Social media users again looked like Tether to the US Central Bank (Fed).

… And they said that Tether was printing money from the air .


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