Tether Blocks $ 300K USDT and Delivers it to the State


The USA took action to confiscate the $ 300,000 USDT frozen by the crypto money company Tether. These tokens, frozen earlier this year, are thought to be used by fraudsters.

According to the CoinDesk report, the US government officially wants to take over $ 300,000 USDT, normally owned by two people named Shixuan Cai and Lin Jian Chen. Tether blocked these tokens earlier this year, following a complaint from the Cai and Chen duo.

That’s how they stole $ 300,000 USDT

Cai and Chen received $ 300,000 USDT through Binance in February. The pair removed these tokens from their Binance account and transferred them to a personal wallet they jointly manage. In order not to forget the private key of this personal wallet, Chen saved it in his Evernote account.

The fact that this private key was saved in Evernote invited hackers. Hackers who accessed Chen’s Evernote document also infiltrated the wallet with the private key they obtained from here. Hackers divide this 300 thousand USD USDT into two parties within a few hours and collect 200 thousand USDT into a wallet; They sent 100 thousand USDT to a different wallet.

Two months later he went to the police

Realizing that the money in the wallet had been stolen, Chen said on April 9, Tether Ltd., the producer of USDT. and also reported to the Los Angeles police. Tether has decided to freeze these tokens until the investigation is complete.

A week after the tokens were blocked, someone named Kamil contacted Tether and demanded it be unblocked. Since there was a suspicious situation, Tether notified the Secret Service in the USA and gave him information about the person named Kamil.

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Secret Service tokens contacted Kamil to continue the investigation. Kamil said that these tokens were sent to him by an anonymous person in China. According to his claim, the anonymous person requested that these 300 thousand tokens be divided into three separate parties, and then with these tokens, Ethereum (ETH) should be taken over the Kyber Network. Kamil was promised a 15 percent commission for these transactions.

Court order for 300 thousand tokens

California District Court Judge Pedro Castillo made a decision in May following the investigation and issued a seizure order for these 300,000 tokens. Working with the authorities, Tether unblocked the tokens and these USDTs were later transferred to a wallet under the administration of the US government.

According to the decision taken at the court, these tokens will remain under the state administration until the related case is concluded.


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