Tests of the First Foldable iPhone Started


According to information suggested by a Chinese news site, Foxconn has started tests of foldable iPhone for Apple. The screens of the foldable iPhones will be purchased from Samsung like the ‘normal’ iPhones.

We do not often witness Apple making big changes in the smartphone industry, especially in design. In fact, we can divide the design periods of the iPhone series, which has a 13-year history, into four separate periods, roughly as iPhone-iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4-iPhone 5S, iPhone 6-iPhone 8 and iPhone X-iPhone 12. According to new leaks, Apple is working on a new iPhone that will meet the expectations of those who want ‘difference’.

Apple has requested samples of foldable screens from Samsung, and Foxconn, Apple’s number one iPhone manufacturing partner, is currently conducting tests on the foldable iPhone, according to reports from the Chinese-based United Daily News news site, citing unnamed sources. Since Apple knows that the most important element in foldable smartphones is the screen, it focuses on the selection of OLED, micro LED display before all components.

Foldable iPhone could be introduced in September 2022

The allegations made so far mean that Apple has been many years to release a foldable iPhone model. United Daily News states that the device being tested by Foxconn may be released in September 2022. Allegedly, Apple will agree with different parts suppliers for its foldable iPhone, just like the existing iPhone models, but the assembly will be carried out by Foxconn.

Although the folding tests of an average laptop consist of 20-30 thousand open-close operations, it is stated that Foxconn has performed more than 100 thousand open-close tests for the foldable iPhone. The United Daily News did not provide any information about the design or features of the foldable iPhone. For this reason, we do not have any information other than that the foldable iPhone could arrive in the third quarter of 2022. However, Jon Prosser, who has previously made many leaks, states that the foldable iPhone can be a dual-screen device, just like Microsoft’s Surface Duo.

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