Testing the ability to see Instagram stories on Facebook


Some Facebook users have recently noticed that they can watch their Instagram stories directly from the main app of the social network. Facebook has long been allowing Instagram stories to be shared on Facebook. It even encourages it. In this way, he wants to give momentum to his story format. However, with the new test, Instagram stories can be viewed directly from Facebook.

According to the color of the ring around your profile photo, you will know whether you are viewing a Facebook story or an Instagram story. Facebook stories have blue rings, Instagram’s ones have rings in shades of pink and orange like the app icon.

Facebook makes it clear that nothing will change about who can see your stories. Only your Instagram followers who have linked their Facebook accounts and those who have already seen your stories will see this new option within Facebook. Even after that, it will be possible to change this setting and turn off the option. In a screenshot that gives information about the feature, “People who do not follow you on Instagram on Facebook cannot see your story.” statement is included.

Matt Navarra confirmed this leak through a Facebook representative and learned that it was a limited test. The company will listen to your feedback. The representative noted that this feature respects all current privacy settings and that Instagram users can completely disable their stories on Facebook if they wish.

This move is described as a new move of Facebook to bring its platforms closer together. Last month, Facebook started combining Facebook Messenger and Instagram chats. WhatsApp will eventually become part of this unified chat experience.


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