Testing disease mapping application with Apple-Google API


England is the newest country to use a Covid-19 tracking solution with the Google and Apple API. The NHS Covid-19 application starts to be tested there, and depending on the results, it may have national coverage.

In Brazil, the Coronavirus SUS app implemented the API in a recent update. With it, thanks to the Bluetooth sensor it is possible for the user’s smartphone to communicate anonymously with other nearby devices, exchanging codes. From these codes it is identified whether there was proximity to someone infected or not.

If so, the application suggests that the user be quarantined.

England initially thought of using Apple’s proprietary solution, which is more restricted in terms of access to Bluetooth. As it was possible to track only 4% of iPhones in the testing phase of this solution, the region opted for the API developed by Apple in conjunction with the search giant.

She entered tests yesterday (13) on the Isle of Wight. Public officials now want to know whether the app and the API are mature enough to demonstrate a real scenario, or whether failures will end up recommending unnecessary quarantines.

It is worth remembering that the API received an important update to facilitate the mapping of data by public health authorities, in addition to sharing information between countries. Location accuracy from devices’ Bluetooth has also been improved.

While the API tends to be very useful in helping to prevent contagion by the disease, the vaccine market has obtained promising results. Russia even claims to already have the first safe product for application.


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