Testing a battery saver feature for Google Chrome


Google continues to work for the Chrome internet browser to function more efficiently. According to the report published on TheWindowsClub site, Google is testing a meta tag that enables websites to enable energy saving features.

In this way, websites will be able to reduce the number of frames and slow down the command execution. In this way, the charging of laptops will be able to last a little longer. Websites opened in Chrome will be able to adapt to users’ preferences or device states such as low battery.

It can be said that this will help to keep the computer running, especially during long video calls, or to prevent web applications from consuming too much power even though they do not need speed.

This feature, which has been tested under the “Origin Trial” program, will not be included in the official test before Google Chrome 86 or 87. In addition, websites will need to use a meta tag for the feature to work. It seems that it will take time for the final version of the feature to reach all users.

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