Tessa Thompson clears up the confusion around the Valkyrie King in “Thor: Love and Thunder”


Tessa Thompson recently clarified and explained why Valkyrie is known as the “king” of New Asgard in Thor: Love and Thunder. After the events that took place in Avengers: Finale, in the last quest of the famous god, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) tries to find inner peace and solace.

In Thor: Love and Thunder, Thor is determined to say goodbye to his superhero days and start a new path—whatever it may be. In search of peace and harmony from his chaotic lifestyle, Thor quickly discovers that his plans for the future are tainted when he is forced to face his rival, Gorr the Butcher god (Christian Bale). However, the thunder Lord realizes that he cannot defeat Gorr alone, and eventually enlists the support of several friends. Hemsworth is not the only actor who will play his favorite role in the upcoming movie “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Thompson’s “Valkyrie” is about to return, as is Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, who is now called “The Mighty Thor.” The new trailers for “Thor: Love” and “Thunder” that have been released so far seem to hint at a lot of shocking twists for both viewers and the main Avenger. So far, fans have witnessed the sudden appearance of the Greek god Zeus (Russell Crowe) and the Mighty Thor Jane, fully equipped with Mjolnir.

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However, one thing fans saw in the trailers caused them a lot of confusion: why Valkyrie is now called the “king” of the New Asgard, unlike any other royal title. Now Thompson has stepped forward to set the record and explain why Valkyrie is now universally known as “the king.” before eventually handing over the job to Valkyrie. Thompson stated that after Valkyrie gained power over the New Asgard, they “just didn’t bother to change the name.”

She went on to describe and clarify her character’s overall more casual approach to being considered “royal.” Valkyrie shies away from materialism and the public image that she is expected to have as a leader. Thompson shared: “She’s a kind king. I know there was some confusion on the internet in terms of gender when she was king. The truth is, this is a job Thor was going to do, and then he just gave her a job, and we just didn’t bother to change the title, because the title is “king,” and she’s like, “Well, I can be king. The costumes she wears—we thought it was a kind of tribute to Frida Kahlo.”

When Thor first handed over the title to Valkyrie, he told her that he intuitively knew that she would make a lot of changes simply because her radical presence would be there instead of him. Fans will have to wait and see how Thor and Valkyrie’s relationship develops and changes due to the fact that there is a big power struggle between them. However, screenwriter and director Waititi also told fans that apparently Valkyrie doesn’t really like being the new king of Asgard yet. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long to see Thompson in a penguin costume and with a crown.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” is due to be released in theaters on July 8, 2022.