Tesla’s Stock Prices Rise to All-Time Highs


A new record was broken in the shares of Tesla, the pioneer of the electric car industry. The company’s share prices rose 75% in January 2020 alone, exceeding $ 720.

Tesla, one of the leaders of the electric car industry, has attracted a lot of attention with its Cybertruck model, introduced in recent months, as well as electric cars such as Model 3 and Model X. So much so after Tesla’s introduction of the Cybertruck model, the company’s stock prices peaked and broke a record on record. The company, which came up with the price increases in its shares as well as its electric cars, once again added value to the value of its shares.

Tesla’s stock prices began to move upwards constantly, like an unstoppable force. Only the stock price, which has increased by more than 10% today, broke a new record with $ 720, surpassing Tesla’s highest share price ever. Tesla’s share prices, which have been in a rally race for the past few months, increased again in the fourth quarter of last year, and the company announced that it had earned $ 7,384 billion.

You can check Tesla’s stock prices right here!

75% increase in only 1 month:
Tesla’s continually increasing share prices continued to increase in 2020. It is noteworthy that there has been a 75% increase in Tesla’s shares even though it has been a month yet this year. Tesla, which appeared at the end of last year with a share price of 600 dollars, was not very difficult to reach over 700 dollars with the introduction of 2020. Although Tesla has had a pretty good output, there is no explanation as to what the reason for this share price increase is.

Tesla, whose stock price is constantly increasing, has temporarily closed its factories in China, where the Corona virus, which has spread fear all over the world, has erupted. The closure of these factories means that Tesla’s only factory outside the USA will be closed. This will somewhat disrupt the company’s production and, together with, its revenues. As we prepared this text for you, Tesla’s share price reached $ 751 and the price continues to increase gradually. Although the company’s stock prices fluctuate between $ 750 and $ 780, there is a general increase in the charts.


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