Tesla’s step for child safety awaits approval


Tesla, one of the electric car manufacturers, is preparing to take an important step for child safety. If the FCC (US Federal Communications Board) approves the work, radar sensors will be put into use for children who are locked in cars. In this way, it is aimed to zero the number of children who lost their lives due to lack of air in the car.

Tesla works for child safety

Taking into account the cases of children trapped in the car in the USA and around the world, the company has come to an end in its work for the health and safety of children. In the study, children inside the car while stationary will be detected, thanks to the millimeter radar sensors that scan the interior of the car. However, the radar needs to be authorized by the FCC to function.

The feature expected to take place in future models was developed after 50 children died in the USA in 2019 due to stuffiness and heat in the car. Developer Tesla stated that this feature will be more efficient than camera systems and can detect children by scanning inaccessible areas. The firm believes that this technology can reduce deaths.

Thanks to the Tesla child safety feature, sensors will be able to monitor breathing and heart rhythm. Thus, the lives of children will be saved by providing correct alarms. It is also stated that the newly developed system can work with airbag technology. Thus, the airbag that opens in the event of an accident can be shaped according to the physical characteristics of the driver or passenger.

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Finally, it was stated that the developed system can be used outside of the automobile. Thus, protection against theft will be provided. The system will be able to scan an area of ​​approximately 180 cm outside the car. In this way, it will be ensured that thieves do not do harmful actions such as breaking glass.

According to the shared documents, Tesla made his application on July 31st. The FCC must also make a decision by September 21st.


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