Tesla’s Rising Stocks Earn Elon Musk $ 2 Billion in One Week


Tesla, one of the most popular automobile manufacturers of recent times, rose 24 percent between October 23-31. This gave Elon Musk $ 2 billion, 22 percent of Tesla’s.

Both autonomous vehicle manufacturer Tesla and the owner of the rocket production company SpaceX, Elon Musk continue to add wealth to their wealth. According to a report by Forbes, one of the world’s most popular business magazines, Musk added another $ 2 billion to its assets in just one week. Elon Musk made this gain through the stock exchange of the car company Tesla.

According to news in Forbes, analysts said Tesla’s shares would fall by 42 cents on the evening of October 23rd. Tesla, however, made an unexpected move that rose only $ 1.86 that day. This probably worked best for Elon Musk, who held 22 percent of Tesla’s shares. With this increase in value, Musk increased his wealth in Tesla to $ 22.9 billion.

Tesla’s shares declined in both quarters of 2019. But Tesla’s stock market value, which did not go very well, varied greatly during the week between October 23-31. The company’s shares rose between 24 October and 23 October. This gave Elon Musk and other investors a great deal of money.

Elon Musk did not give any explanation. In fact, the biggest factor in this situation is that Musk left Twitter. Musk, who managed to draw attention with his statements on Twitter, would surely have touched on this issue if he was still using Twitter. However, Musk may meet with members of the press in the coming days and evaluate this situation.

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