Tesla’s New Monster Cybertruck’s First Driving Footage


Tesla’s New Monster Cybertruck’s First Driving Footage. Tesla’s new tool Cybertruck was introduced today. After the introduction of Cybertruck, information about the vehicle continues to come. Now Cybertruck’s first driving video is released.

Tesla’s new pickup was introduced at the event in Cybertruck, California. Cybertruck has started to be talked about by its large design with its interesting design, the glass that is said to be broken but more broken at the event and the strange amount of deposit.

Cybertruck’la information about the vehicle’s first driving video was added. MotorTrend’s automotive news site releases Cybertruck’s first video on the move. After three minutes of driving, journalists shared a very short video from MotorTrend’s Twitter account.

Journalists who test the vehicle, Tesla pickup is very high and very fast, he says. Journalists using Cybertruck say that the cabin of the pickup is quite large, and the interesting front design of the vehicle comes up to the driver’s head.

MotorTrend correspondents report that Cybertruck’s movements are very strong and smooth, giving Tesla better acceleration than any other vehicle. Correspondents, the vehicle from 0 to 96km / h speed in 4 four seconds, you can easily say.

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