Tesla’s “Full Autonomous Driving” System Updated


Tesla’s ‘fully autonomous driving system’ has been updated after a long delay. Tesla’s FSD system, which means fully autonomous driving, has reached its 9th version. Although the new version is quite successful compared to the previous one, it is still not ready for use.

Tesla offered its vehicles’ fully autonomous driving systems to its users as “beta”. Users who had equipment suitable for the tests known as FSD Beta and registered, could test this system by updating the software of their vehicles.

In the past months, a YouTube channel had tested Tesla’s FSD 8.2 version. Software; Although he could perceive people, vehicles and signs perfectly, he was constantly making wrong decisions. It was obvious that the FSD 8.2 version was far from “fully autonomous” driving.

FSD 9 released

With the release of FSD 9, users immediately started testing the capabilities of this version. It did not go unnoticed that the FSD 9 artificial intelligence, which makes the right decisions in most cases, still has problems such as entering parking areas and determining the right route. Artificial intelligence, which can show better reactions than humans in some situations, sometimes did not know what to do in very simple situations.

Tesla stated that users using the FSD 9 version should not trust this system 100% and they should keep their hands on the steering wheel and focus on the road, just in case. Since FSD 9 is a test version, it still doesn’t know what to do in some cases. However, it was reported that the vehicle was very successful in situations such as progressing in accordance with the traffic, turning from intersections and roundabouts.

Tesla’s FSD system is being used in bad faith

According to Tesla, many Tesla users still abuse this autonomous driving system. Users use certain objects to make the artificial intelligence believe that there is a driver in the seat and act. This can lead to very serious consequences. A Canadian Tesla user was fined for tricking the vehicle’s artificial intelligence system while driving at 150 km/h and sleeping in the back seat.

Tesla is expected to use the fully autonomous driving system called FSD in all vehicles in the next 2 years.


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