Tesla’s Advanced Autopilot: What You Get For $6,000


Tesla owners in the USA and China can now receive the Enhanced Autopilot package. This development follows the release of the Tesla service in New Zealand and Australia at the beginning of June this year. Autopilot has become a standard feature for all Tesla models released after September 2014. Advanced Autopilot restores some of the features available in the Full Self-Driving Package (FSD) after Advanced Autopilot was first discontinued. The Tesla autopilot is designed to increase driver safety and ensure comfortable driving when used correctly.

Elon Musk previously hinted at the possibility of restarting the Enhanced Autopilot package, given that the existing FSD package is considered too expensive. By restoring Enhanced Autopilot, Tesla hopes to increase consumer interest in the autopilot system. The Tesla autopilot is a huge part of the California company’s success in developing a fully functional autonomous driving system. Autopilot is useful when the car needs to be controlled, accelerated and braked while in its lane. Although this improves the overall safety of Tesla models, the system has not yet achieved full autonomy and still requires constant attention from the driver.

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The Enhanced Autopilot package is available for $6,000 in the US. In China, New Zealand and Australia, the package costs 32,000 yen, 5,700 ZD dollars and 5,100 Australian dollars, respectively. According to Teslarati, the details of the package are identical in all four countries. Tesla owners who have purchased Enhanced Autopilot will be able to access Basic Autopilot features, which are standard for all Tesla electric vehicles released after September 2014. These features include adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and lane keeping assistance. In addition, Enhanced Autopilot also offers “Autopilot Navigation”, which offers lane changes and controls the EV through interchanges and highway exits. Autopark, Summon and Smart Summon also come with Enhanced Autopilot.

Advanced features of the Tesla autopilot

As mentioned earlier, the Tesla autopilot is not fully autonomous, so drivers must constantly monitor the vehicle and be ready to take control at any moment. Although the software has not yet achieved autonomy status, Tesla is still conducting continuous wireless updates to improve functionality and performance. The advanced autopilot includes Auto Lane Change, a feature that helps Tesla cars navigate to an adjacent lane on the highway when Autosteer is launched. There is also Autopark, which works as a parking assistant, facilitating parallel or perpendicular parking with a single touch. The Summon function guides the car in sharp turns using a key or a mobile app. Smart Summon allows the car to maneuver on difficult parking spaces and obstacles to meet the driver.

Drivers, especially new owners of Tesla cars, should read the instruction manual before using the autopilot system. To start autopilot for the first time, drivers must agree to always keep their hands on the steering wheel and be responsible for the vehicle. After that, the driver will always see a visual note to keep his hands on the steering wheel after activating the autopilot on his Tesla.