Tesla with subscription comes for 15,960 Brazilian real per month


Despite the fame they carry, Tesla vehicles are few in Brazil, removed from consumers by bureaucratic import processes and lack of assistance, among other reasons. Eliminating such obstacles for its customers, Osten Group, specialized in premium cars, started offering, since the beginning of the week, a subscription service that makes Elon Musk’s electric cars available for up to four years to those interested in national territory.

Insurance, preventive maintenance, advice and 24h assistance are included in the monthly fee, which costs from R $ 15,960 in the case of the Tesla Model 3. In turn, the mileage allowance defined in the contract varies between 12,000 km and 36,000 km annually, as well as the period of usufruct of the unit, with options of 12, 24, 36 and 48 months. Both conditions also apply to the Model X, S and Y.

Liandra Boschiero, manager of Osten Fleet, according to Quatro Rodas, says that the customer can choose all the optional and aesthetic details of the Tesla he wants to rent. There, it is up to the company to order it abroad and deliver it to whoever requested it, which can take three to four months to happen.

Quality and customization

Those who want to “take a look” at Osten Group’s solutions can see first-hand two Model 3 exhibits at the CJ Shops mall, in the city of São Paulo. In addition, tenants have training and qualification available to help them make the most of the features found in Tesla vehicles.

Finally, you must have at least 21 years and two years of qualification, as well as proof of address and income. In addition, orders can be placed on the Osten Group website, and prices may vary by fluctuating the dollar.

“We value the quality of service and total customization of our services, aiming to provide greater security and tranquility to our customers”, indicates the company.


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