Tesla with Autopilot crashes into vehicle while driver via film


The owner of a Tesla car decided to activate the vehicle’s autopilot to watch a movie while traveling in the United States. The plan did not work out: Autopilot mode lost control and the vehicle crashed into a police vehicle.

The case took place in Nash County, North Carolina, on Wednesday night (27). The driver of the vehicle, doctor Devainder Goli, decided to put a film on his cell phone and leave the steering entirely in the hands of Tesla’s autonomous system while commuting home.

The accident occurred when the Autopilot system failed to keep the vehicle on track and crashed into a vehicle. The Nash County police car was parked in the corner of the highway with its headlights on.

The images of the accident show that both cars were destroyed by the impact, but no one was seriously injured. While the collision took place on the passenger side of the Tesla, the two policemen on the road were able to hear the tires screeching and moved out of the car’s path.

Despite the name “Autopilot”, Tesla constantly points out that its cars do not work completely autonomously. According to the official website of the technology, the purpose of the software is to ensure more safety and convenience to the driver, and not to drive the car alone.

“Autopilot allows your car to automatically turn, accelerate and brake within the range,” explains the manufacturer. “Current Autopilot features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous.”

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