Tesla vehicles will soon start talking!


Tesla cars, constantly gaining new features, will soon start talking to drivers and pedestrians. Elon Musk showed this feature in a short video he shared.

Tesla is constantly working on an innovation that will enable the cars to talk to passengers inside and outside pedestrians.

Although the company, known for its investments in artificial intelligence technologies, wants to use artificial intelligence to perfect autonomous driving characteristics, Elon Musk is determined to see it in different fields. Because a video that the CEO shared yesterday seems to be an indication of the company’s determination in this matter.

In a shared video, Tesla Model 3 is said to have a vehicle that says ağ it will look blank, and I’ll take it to the horse ken.

Tesla added a loudspeaker grille in front of the Model 3 vehicles with the mandatory sound application for slow-moving electric vehicles in the city.

It was already known that Musk wanted to add features similar to KITT in the Tesla vehicles Black Lightning series and wanted to develop a system that would respond to his driver. Let’s see what other crazy ideas Musk is coming up with in the coming days.


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