Tesla to be investigated after 23 serious Autopilot accidents


Tesla will respond to an investigation after 23 major accidents with Autopilot, its optional driver assistance and safety system. Since its launch, the system has been dividing Greeks and Trojans amid controversies and questions about its security.

On the one hand, there are people who recognize the importance of Autopilot who, it is worth stressing, has already avoided numerous accidents – which can be seen in videos recorded by the drivers themselves. After all, the system is capable of detecting and informing the approach of vehicle objects, allowing the driver to bypass and avoid any collisions.

Critics of the system, however, claim that the system is flawed in certain situations, failing to fulfill its role as the driver’s “third eye”. The United States National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) recorded no less than 23 serious accidents with cars that owned the Autopilot.

Tesla to be investigated by NHTSA

In light of this, the government agency decided to open an investigation against Tesla to investigate these collisions and others recorded in previous years. The objective is to find out if the system was activated or not during the events. If the answer is positive, it is possible that Tesla will suffer some responsibility.

The first of 23 accidents to be investigated occurred in 2016 in Florida. At the time, a driver died when the Autopilot did not react and his vehicle collided with a truck. In normal operation, the system would have locked the car. But these are not just old accidents: in 2021, NHTSA has already registered 3 occurrences.

In response, Tesla said that its cars have the least accidents per kilometer traveled – an even lower number when the Autopilot is active. We at TecMundo even published a story detailing this subject. In any case, it seems important to remember that the manufacturer has always drawn attention to the system’s assistance function in its original version, warning drivers to remain attentive to the direction.

In fact, what Autopilot does is to offer information and resources so that the driver is more likely to avoid accidents. The system does not, however, promise to actively keep the driver safe under any circumstances.


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